I Wrote Another Thing

I Wrote Another Thing

My task for the marketing Write To Publish class this week was to write something for someone special and then read it to them. I wrote this for Linda, who is my Pyrynne. The password for this story is the first word of the title, jeopardy.

She sat on the edge of the desk and folded her arms. “Clay, this is what I do. I’m a big girl. Sometimes I give a beating. Sometimes I take one. Trust me—it’s never fun, but I am trained and able and I am no wilting flower. I delivered my message, I completed the job, and my uncle will know what he needs to know AND NOTHING ELSE. Is that clear?”

I was miserable. Love gives you power over others, and it gives them power over you. I was tired of being powerless in this strange, forsaken city. I hated that Pyrynne was yelling at me, and hated that I was at odds with her, but love makes you do strange things for those you care for.


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