TBG: The Chapter Titles Are Set

TBG: The Chapter Titles Are Set

It’s been a long, long road, but THE BLUE GOLEM is coming together. Today, I can announce the final chapter titles are set. I’ve nearly finished my page one rewrite, and will turn in the final rewritten chapters by July 20th. After that, I’ll immediately do a quick scrub of the book for the twelfth draft to include the notes from my editing group and will then share the manuscript with Beta readers sometime in the Fall.

Friends, we’re close. The adventures of Clay Golem are nearly ready to share with the world.

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  1. Johne Cook says:

    UPDATE: I’ve been listening to my chapters using NaturalReader and a studious Scottish voice. As I do so, I’m catching things by listening that I hadn’t by reading. Therefore, I’ve been moving things around, and in this case, breaking things up, to improve the flow. I added a chapter between 6 and 7 called Jeopardy. I’ll probably add more chapters as I go.

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