“When Truth Dies…”

“When Truth Dies…”

I had a brief moment of flow (the creative state where you’re in the groove and writing just flows) a week ago Saturday but was called away to take care of Things because I’m a responsible chap and it was a pleasant day in Wisconsin. As so often happens, when I throttled the Muse, I haven’t been able to recapture that state since then. As I nestled into bed last night, a vagrant line came to mind, “When Truth dies, everything dies.” It’s a great line and serves as a bit of foreshadowing to the final climax for THE BLUE GOLEM.

I had a decision to make: I could either trust that I would remember the line in the morning, or I could rouse myself from my comfortable bed long enough to go into the hallway and save the thought to my Notes file on my iPhone.

When the Muse comes, honor the Muse. I dragged myself back out of bed, recorded the note on my phone, and then returned to bed. It took me a little extra time to get to sleep.
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