Back To Work

Back To Work

I had a realization tonight – it’s time to get back to work.

I took some time off after turning my novel in to my editor for a comprehensive diagnostic and took more time off after receiving it back (as recommended), and it has been good. I’ve been reading, I’ve been watching things which will help me moving forward, and I’ve been recovering from a short but nasty bout of C19 depression. I’m starting by incorporating all the recommendations into Notion as a kind of literary punch list, things I need to do. Then I’m going to copy my Scrivener project over and get to work on what’s shaping up as a pretty major rewrite to strengthen what I already have, improve the pacing, punch up the description, clarify Clay’s Objects of Desire, fulfill ‘the promise of the premise,’ add more conflict, and generally make things worse for Clay. This will be a lot of work, but it should make for an even more compelling novel.

This work will build on the things which are already working:
● A compelling premise with interesting themes
● Good world-building
● An entertaining style
● Some powerful scenes

It’s good to know where I am in the development lifecycle. If I’m not as close to publication as I hoped, I’m still closer now than I was last year and the only way to be ready to share the story of The Blue Golem is to get back to work.

After six weeks away, I can finally say it again:


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