THE BLUE GOLEM Zoom Call Today!

THE BLUE GOLEM Zoom Call Today!

I’d like to host a very brief (15 mins, unless the room would like to go longer) chat of great importance about the future of THE BLUE GOLEM today at 1 pm CDT.

While waiting for edit suggestions from my Story Grid editor this next week, I’ve begun writing the sequel, THE BLACK SERPENT, and had an idea this week which would be very cool but which would change one fundamental aspect of the blue golem, his color from book-to-book. I’ve been kicking this idea around all week and would like to take the temperature of the room (as it were) before I commit to something which would change this fundamental aspect of Clay Golem’s appearance, the color of his clay.

And also, I thought it would be fun to touch base with y’all for a minute and see how you’re doing. 😉 (If you can’t make it, no worries – this is very spur-of-the-moment.)


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