A novel’s midpoint occurs between Middle Build 1 and Middle Build 2, or at the halfway in the overall Middle Build. I shared my all-is-lost moment with my SHEG (editing group) last night. It went over very well. I’m officially at my novel’s midpoint!

This is technically the 11th draft, however, it’s the first rewrite draft, so I feel I’m rediscovering this story as I move through. I added a completely new Beginning Hook and am rewriting the Middle Build 1 and Middle Build 2 to include the new story threads introduced in the BH. After the crushing events of the all-is-lost moment to close down MB1, I’m now writing a very short Interlude in the 3rd Person before returning to Clay’s POV to kick off the MB2 chapters. It’s coming along very well and I should be done with this key draft mid-June. 

After that, the plan is to do a prose pass (12th draft) incorporating all the feedback from my editing group, and then we’ll finally be ready to share this story with Beta readers! I have a list of readers interested in seeing about the adventures of my golem detective but am always open to adding more.

I’ll take the feedback from the Beta readers and do a final prose pass for draft #13 and then pass this to my editor. That’s the plan to finish THE BLUE GOLEM.

And then I’m doing a light editing pass on my series THE ADVENTURES OF THE SKY PIRATE, which I hope to publish first to give readers of TBG a back-catalog to dive into. This is the busiest year for me yet, but the most productive.

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